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Getting married? Congratulations! and welcome to our website emtphotos wedding photographers glasgow paisley 

Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make.

So you have  found yourself here which means that we have been recommended or you have seen our work

Unlike many aspects of the wedding day, your wedding photographs will still be there when the flowers have wilted and the cake has been eaten,

 a photograph  is worth a thousand words we believe its more than that; it consists of a story, love, promise, memories, passion, and joy.



The Experience.

Your day is all about you. The first, and most important thing is what you value as a couple, and how you want that to be reflected in your wedding pictures. we have a relaxed and friendly approach so you will always be comfortable around us



Emt photos

We strive to develop a strong client relationships, we do this by spending time with you and getting to know right up to the day of your wedding  as we want to provide you  with an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. Our mission is simple  to capture the person inside  through our photographs